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Starting life as a premium quality radio, the Ruark R1S now features a vast array of streaming options – yet it’s still the best bedside radio in the business.

Premium entertainment
The Ruark R1 has always been a favourite bedside/kitchen radio. The combination of top quality sound, premium finish and flexible features makes it a firm favourite. The latest R1S takes this winning formula and super-charges the spec, so that it now includes a vast array of streaming music options – plus it still has that legendary built-in radio, too.

Class-leading sound
Although it now has a wider range of music streaming options than ever, it’s still the sound quality that sets the R1S apart from its rivals. Featuring Ruark’s NaturalSound+ driver and hi-fi grade Class A/B amplifier, the R1S delivers an impressively smooth and natural sound for such a compact speaker. There’s ample volume to fill a smaller area with life-like sound, while adjustable EQ settings tailor the audio to your preference.

Now with music streaming
For the first time on an R1 speaker, wi-fi connectivity makes an appearance. Connect to your hub and enjoy a vast range of streaming music options. Compatible with popular services such as Spotify Connect (with Premium account), Amazon Music, and Deezer, the R1S gives you access to a near limitless range of music. If you enjoy listening to radio and podcasts from around the world, Internet radio services, including catch-up services are also on hand.

SmartRadio Tuner – includes DAB
It wouldn’t be a true R1 unless it also had a traditional tuner built-in, which is why the R1S is equipped with DAB+/DAB/FM tuners. DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) gives access to the widest range of stations, in crisp and clear digital sound quality. In case your favourite stations aren't available in DAB, this Ruark radio is also equipped with an FM tuner.

New generation Bluetooth 5 connection
As well as wi-fi, the R1S connects to your device via Bluetooth. Connect your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth music source and effortlessly stream your stored music or streaming music services. Bluetooth Gen 5 offers improved efficiency and superior sound quality to earlier versions, making a great alternative to wi-fi when you’re out of reach of the signal or just need a fast connection for a temporary device.

Connect other sources
For a direct connection with your HiRes player, smartphone or MP3 player, there’s a USB-C connection for playback and charge. There’s also a 3.5mm AUX input that’s perfect for plugging in a CD player or other music source with analogue output. For private listening, a headphone socket is fitted.

Easy control, with Rotodial
At the top of the R1S, you’ll find Ruark’s signature control system – Rotodial. This intuitive control system groups all the functions together and makes it easy to switch between sources, change the volume, change tracks and more. Alternatively, there’s the new Oktive app for smartphone control. An infrared remote control is available at additional cost.

Improved, full colour display with clock and alarm
With its full colour TFT display, large format clock and built-in alarm, the R1S makes a premium bedside system. The easily programmed, dual alarm comes with a wide range of features, including once, daily, weekday and weekend settings plus snooze and sleep timers. A light sensor automatically dims or brightens the screen, making it unobtrusive as a bedside music system.

Luxurious wood and mid-grey finish
Ruark have a long held reputation for producing some of the finest speaker finishes and the R1S is no exception. The new mid-grey finish elegantly blends in with its surroundings. The composite wood grille has a walnut finish, yet is made from sustainable woods for less ecological impact.

Add the optional BP3 battery pack and use it anywhere
You can make the R1S even more flexible by adding the optional Ruark BP3 BackPack III. Add the optional rechargeable battery and the R1S becomes fully portable. With a battery life of up to 12 hours, the Ruark is ideal for longer stints outside or as a radio in the bathroom. Charge time is around 5 hours.

Wake up to premium sound and style, with the Ruark R1S.


Colour: Mid-Grey
  • Rechargeable Battery 


    Smart Features 

    Smartphone control 





    Headphone Output 

    1 x (3.5mm) 


    1 x (USB-C) 


    Manufacturer's Warranty 

    2 years 




    Text Display 



    Dimensions WxHxD (mm) 

    130 x 175 × 135 


    Weight (KG) 


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