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Please note this remote control is only compatible with the Ruark R1 MK4.

Make your Ruark R1 MK4 even more versatile, with the Ruark R1 MK4 Remote.

The perfect accessory for your R1 MK4
Adding this remote to your R1 MK4 radio makes it even more versatile. Ideal for when your radio is at the other side of the bed, placed high up/low down or simple at the other end of the room, this dedicated remote makes it much more convenient.

Easy access
All the basics are replicated on the remote. These include power, volume, source, menu play/pause and back/forward buttons. There are also four, direct access presets that make finding your favourite radio station even easier.

Make the most of your Ruark R1 MK4, with this handy remote.


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