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Choice of customizations:

-160 colors RAL

-Printed textiles with your photos


This new Diptyque DP107 model was born after 10 years of research and development. They are based on technology and design of very famous DP77 with a top size of 30cm. They are composed of a bass-medium membrane of 0.198m² operating on our exclusive PPBM * technology and a ribbon tweeter with neodynium magnets of 45cm long. Its mechanical sandwich structure is extremely rigid and guarantees the absence of coloring sound. Their steel and oak stand resumes the design of the old ribbon microphones, it brings great rigidity to the set and the ability to adjust the tilt according to the listening point. This harmonious proportion panel is a very high quality speaker. Its transparency, its speed and the superb sound image it deploys in the listening space will seduce the greatest music lovers.


Colour: Black
  • Type 2 ways
    Sensitivity 86db/1W/1m
    Impedance 6 Ohms
    Bandwidth 40 - 19000Hz
    Power handling 150 W (recommended amplifier > 60 W)
    Dimensions (height / width / depth) 1070x470x20 mm
    Weight / with stand 15Kg / 22Kg
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