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The Cyrus X Power is high quality power amplifier, with switchable stereo or mono modes providing huge amounts of power. The X Power uses an oversized power supply, which allows it to be incredibly dynamic and responsive to even the most challenging inputs.

This high quality amplifier is a great example of our upgrade philosophy, providing you with excellent stereo amplification as well as the opportunity to improve the sound in the future by adding a second X Power...


X Power features and benefits 

Switchable Stereo / Mono Operation:

Running either at 100 Watts per channel as a stereo amplifier a simple flick of a switch turns the X Power into a 181 Watts per channel mono power amplifier for improved sound quality and harder to drive loudspeakers.


Music Sense:

The X Power features a microprocessor controlled music sense mode. When set to low power standby the X Power detects an incoming signal and automatically and noiselessly switches on the amplifier ready for use. If there is no music detected for an extended period of time it will revert to standby mode.


PSX-R2 Upgradability:

The X Power includes a port for connecting the PSX-R2. The addition of this highly regulated off-board power supply not only improves sound quality but increases output power, especially in mono operation.


High Current Design:

The X Power includes a vastly over-specified power supply bringing considerable dynamic power in excess of the rated RMS figure, essential to driving difficult loads.


System Scalability:

The X Power can be used in a variety of different system scenarios. Most typical would be as a Pre / Power in combination with Pre2 DAC or Stream XP2 Qx. It is also compatible with Cyrus integrated amplifiers in bi-amped stereo configuration. The fixed gain structure of the Cyrus range enables compatibility with any Cyrus integrated amplifier.


£1,499.00 Regular Price
£1,399.00Sale Price

    BFA speaker – Yes
    Chain output – Yes
    PSX-R upgrade port – Yes
    MC-BUS – Yes


    Analogue RCA Phono – 1 pair


    Watts into 6 Ohms 1 x 181 in monobloc operation
    2 x 100 in stereo operation


    Height 73
    Width 215
    Depth 360
    Weight (kg) 8.2



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