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The Cyrus PSX-R₂ is a sonic upgrade for many Cyrus components it provides an extremely smooth and stable DC feed allowing any partnered component to achieve its full potential. Perceive new levels of fine detail, the PSX-R2 allows you to comprehend subtle emotional nuances that expose the performer’s emotion and passion. These elements are always captured in the recording but unresolved until the system is able to discern a higher level of detail...


A stable, strong and separated power supply can provide huge sound quality benefits for a hi-fi system.


Compatible current models

Stream Xa, Stream XP2, Stream XP2 Qx, CD i, 82 DAC, 82 DAC Qx, Pre2 DAC, Pre2 DAC Qx, DAC X Signature, DAC XP Signature, X Power, Cyrus 8a

PSX-R₂ features and benefits Re-designing a Classic:

The PSX-R₂ is based on a design that has been in the Cyrus family for over 30 years. The latest improvements bring power supply filtering from the Anniversary system, culminating in the new v2 edition.


Instant Upgradability:

The PSX-R₂ provides an instant sonic improvement to any compatible product. The benefits of a separate, isolated and highly regulated power supply allow internal electronics to upgrade their sonic performance.


Intelligent Connectivity:

No modifications are required when connecting a PSX-R₂ to partnering equipment. Both units intelligently adjust output and input parameters to suit. Simply power off both units, connect and power on; internal circuitry detects the connection and re-adjusts perfectly.


300VA Torodial:

A 300va toroidal transformer with an enormous current delivery capability, forms the front end of the PSX-R₂. The 30,000 microfarad slit foil reservoir capacitors ensure that very low ESR and wide bandwidth are presented to the linear mode regulator stage that follows.


  • ±35.5 VDC For stereo power and integrated amplifiers
    ±18-30 VDC For mono-bloc power and other amplifiers
    ±21 VDC For low power applications


    Height – 73
    Width – 215
    Depth – 360
    Wight 7kg

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