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The Cyrus Phono Signature is a high quality phono preamplifier for vinyl turntables. A phono stage is one of the most critically sensitive products in hi-fi. Because the signals produced by the needle are so small, they need to be amplified many thousands of times. All Cyrus components are manufactured in a die cast aluminium chassis, this hand finished case work is a integral part of the products sound, the chassis composition is specifically designed to create a electrically shielded and mechanicaly vibration free enviroment for the sensitive audio circuits which are hung inside the inverted chassis. 


The Phono Signature has been designed to allow up to four turntables to be permanently connected because many vinyl enthusiasts enjoy multiple turntables, arms or cartridges for different records. It is also possible to calibrate each input separately from the comfort of your armchair using the included iir Remone control.


Each of the four inputs can be accurately matched to the exact specification of the cartridge and the acoustic preference of the user. Adjustment is provided for MC cartridges in; gain, resistance and capacitance. In addition, a switchable warp filter is provided to maximise amplifier performance.


Additional performance can be achieved by using the optional Cyrus PSX-R2 power supply. 

The PSX-R2 is a unique dC power supply that will upgrade the sonic performance of the Cyrus phone signature and other components in the Cyrus range


Cyrus PSX-R2 Performance upgrade power supply

How it works

When a PSX-R2 is connected to a Cyrus product, the power feeds to the internal circuitry are split two ways with the clean, stable power source of the PSX-R2 feeding sensitive circuit sections while other requirements are supplied internally. This ensures complete isolation of control circuits and sensitive analogue sections, reducing AC mains-borne noise and power supply ripple.



  • Switchable inputs for 4 x turntables.

  • Each input configurable to match either moving coil or moving magnet cartridges.

  • Front panel adjustment of gain, resistance and capacitance loading for each input configured for moving coil use.

  • Choice of balanced or unbalanced audio outputs.

  • Warp filter to reduce bass unit excursion on warped records.

  • Interactive display with peak hold bargraph to assist in setting moving coil gain.

  • Remote control of all features from the Cyrus iR14.

  • MC-BUS connection for system integration with other Cyrus components.

  • PSX-R2 upgrade port for the optional Cyrus PSX-R2 external power supply 




    Analogue RCA Phono – 4 pairs


    Analogue RCA – 1 pair
    XLR Balanced – 1 pair
    PSX-R Upgrade Port – Yes
    MC-BUS – Yes


    Height 73
    Width 215
    Depth 360
    Weight (kg) 4.1



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