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The Innovation Compact turntable with its very efficient design is nothing less than an audiophile revelation. Thanks to optical speed control (OSC), speed stability values are obtained that lift this turntable into the global highend class.

Perfectly matched materials meet patented Clearaudio technology. The 70mm-thick platter of the Innovation Compact consists of dynamically balanced polyoxymethylene (POM) and is powered by a high-torque DC motor with precision bearings, developed exclusively for Clearaudio.


The optimally designed chassis keeps resonances out of the audible range and guarantees maximum stability in a housing made of a massive panzerholz (bulletproof wood) and aluminium sandwich. Timeless design with quality built to last for decades. The option to mount a second tonearm makes it possible to play a rich variety of music from across the decades.


    • Construction Details: Resonance optimised chassis's shape, belt driven with optical, full automatic speed control
    • Speed Ranges: 33 ⅓ rpm, 45 rpm, 78 rpm
    • Drive Unit: Decoupled DC motor in a massive metal-housing. This turntable can be connected to 230 V or 110 V AC (50 Hz and 60 Hz).
    • Bearing: Inverted and polished ceramic bearing shaft, polished sinter bronze insert, including patented CMB bearing technology
    • Platter: Delrin or acrylic GS-PMMA platter (Wood version), precision CNC machined surface
    • Speed Accuracy (Measured): less than ± 0.08 %
    • Deviance Of The Set Value: ± 0.01 %
    • Power Consumption: Max. consumption: 9.3 Watt / Consumption in operation: 2.5 Watt / Standby mode: 2.5 Watt / Off mode: 0.0 Watt
    • Total Weight: Approx. 12 kg (without tonearm and power supply)
    • Dimensions (W/D/H in inches): Approx. 16.85 x 15.35 x 5.75 (without tonearm)
    • Dimensions (W/D/H in mm): Approx. 428 x 390 x 146 (without tonearm)
    • Warranty: 5 years*
    • * Only if the Manufacturer's guarantee card is filled out correctly and sent back within 2 weeks to Clearaudio.
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