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  • Body is crafted from medium-density wood fibre
  • High-tech satined plastic compound minimizes resonance
  • Reduce mechanical interference by usimg external voltage-stabilised power supply
  • Friction free magnetic tonearm for lower distortion
  • Comes in four different colour combination


Clearaudio’s vision for the concept: design an elegantly styled turntable package featuring a level of groundbreaking technology usually only found in high-end turntables, combining plug-and-play simplicity with outstanding sound quality and affordability.

Beneath the sleek, contemporary exterior is a level of technical sophistication unique to Clearaudio.

The concept’s body is carefully crafted from medium-density wood fibre (or, optionally, pressure-formed solid wood) with a selection of smart made-to-match surface finishes. The body’s upper layer incorporates a special high-tech satined plastic compound designed to minimise unwanted resonance.

The DC motor is fed by an external voltage-stabilised power supply and is completely decoupled from the turntable’s body to ensure no mechanical interference.


The concept tonearm features a magnetic bearing that is friction-free for extremely low distortion and superb performance. The package is completed with the high quality Concept MM or Concept MC cartridge.

Innovative, high-performing, user-friendly and affordable. Now that’s what we call an unbeatable concept.


  • CONSTRUCTION DETAILS Resonance-Optimised Chassis
    SPEED RANGES 33 , 45 And 78 Rpm
    DRIVE UNIT Decoupled DC Motor With Low Noise Bearings
    BEARING Polished And Tempered Steel Shaft In A Sintered Bronze Bushing, Runs On A Mirror Of Teflon
    PLATTER POM, 30 Mm Thickness
    POWER CONSUMPTION Max. Consumption|| 1.5 Watt
    Consumption In Operation 0.5 Watt
    Off Mode 0.0 Watt
    TOTAL WEIGHT Approx. 7.5 Kg (Incl. Motor, Tonearm And Cartridge)
    DIMENSIONS (W/D/H In Inches) Approx. 16.54 X 13.78 X 4.92 (With Tonearm)
    DIMENSIONS (W/D/H In Mm) Approx. 420 X 350 X 125 (With Tonearm)
    WARRANTY 2 Years** Only If The Manufacturer's Guarantee Card Is Filled Out Correctly And Sent Back Within 2 Weeks To Clearaudio.
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