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The Atoll SDA300 Signature streaming amplifier is capable of developing up to 2 x 150 watts of power into 8 ohms. Thanks to its integrated network player, the Atoll SDA300 Signature receiver can access DLNA shared music, internet radio, as well as many streaming services such as Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify and Deezer. This Atoll SDA300 Signature connected amplifier can also receive all your analog and digital sources thanks to its complete connectivity.


Atoll SDA300 Signature: high power

The Atoll SDA300 Signature connected amplifier shines with its musicality at all times, the result of irreproachable technical solutions and the choice of high-end components. It all starts with a very low noise power supply entrusted to a toroidal transformer. This is only dedicated to the analog circuit, the digital stage taking advantage of its own power supply to limit interference. Pre-amplification uses discrete components in pure class A, guaranteeing a warm and transparent reproduction. It combines with a power stage capable of delivering up to 2 x 150 watts into 8 ohms and 2 x 280 watts into 4 ohms. Enough to calmly feed any pair of library speakers or column. In addition, its high-end MKP transistors and capacitors give it a warm sound over its entire frequency range which easily extends from 5 Hz to 100 kHz.


Atoll SDA300 Signature: streaming

The Atoll SDA300 Signature amplifier is a model made for audio streaming thanks to the integration of a dual WiFi and Ethernet network controller. Once connected to the local network and the internet, the Atoll SDA300 Signature receiver can access many online music services such as Deezer, Qobuz or Tidal. DLNA-compatible, the Atoll SDA300 Signature connected amplifier can play most shared audio formats over the home network. The Atoll SDA300 Signature amplifier also features the Airable system for access to more than 100,000 radio stations around the world and access podcasts. Finally, the Bluetooth controller of the Atoll SDA300 Signature amplifier makes it easy to stream music from a smartphone, tablet or computer.


Atoll SDA300 Signature: DAC 24 bits / 192 kHz and DSD

To play all music, the Atoll SDA300 Signature connected amplifier is equipped with a powerful Burr-Brown PCM1792 DAC. It provides playback of MP3, ALAC, AIFF, WMA, OGG, WAV, AAC, PCM and FLAC files up to a resolution of 24 bits / 192 kHz. It also supports DSD64 and 128 files. Convenient, the playback of the files is done in gapless mode, which ensures continuous playback and without any loading time between each title. A very useful function, especially for live albums.


Atoll SDA300 Signature: analog and digital inputs

On the connectivity side, the Atoll SDA300 Signature DAC amplifier is equipped with many analog and digital inputs to easily connect all your sources. It is equipped with two RCA inputs to connect a pre-amplified turntable or a CD player, for example. The digital stage includes no less than five inputs, including two optical inputs and two coaxial inputs. Two USB-A ports are also part of the game for reading files stored on a USB key or an external hard drive. Finally, speaker terminals are compatible with high section cables and banana plugs.


Atoll SDA300 Signature: color display

Very elegant, the Atoll SDA300 Signature connected amp is built around a robust aluminum chassis optimized to reduce harmful vibrations, thanks to the addition of 4 rubber feet at each end. On its front panel, the Atoll SDA300 Signature amplifier incorporates two large potentiometers: a first for volume and a second for selecting the source. In the middle of these potentiometers, the Atoll SDA300 Signature connected amplifier embeds a large 12.7 cm color screen allowing smooth and user-friendly navigation through the various menus. It also displays the title of the music played, as well as the album cover. For added control, the Atoll SDA300 Signature amplifier comes with an infrared remote control and can be controlled from its mobile app for iOS and Android.

The powerful Atoll SDA300 Signature connected amplifier with a wide range of options will appeal to audiophiles who want to combine the level of detail of HD audio recordings with the flexibility of wireless audio streaming. Whether from a digital or analog source, the Atoll SDA300 Signature amplifier is very musical, with a warm, dynamic character and a real sense of detail.



  • Output power/ 8Ω: 2×150 W
    Output power/ 4Ω: 2×260 W
    Power supply: 2×440 VA
    Total of capacitors: 86 400 µF
    Number of inputs: 6 + 1 BY-PASS
    Bandwidth: 5 Hz – 100 kHz
    Rising time: 2,0 µs
    Input impedance: 220 kΩ
    Sensitivity: 540 mV
    Signal/Noise ratio: 100 dB
    Distortion at 1 kHz: 0,05% / (10 W)
    Dimensions: 440×365×103 mm
    Weight: 16 Kg


    Built-in converter: AKM-AK4490: S/N: 120 dB; dynamic: 120 dB.

    DSD: 2,8 MHz 5,6 MHz.16 bits to 32 bits PCM streams up to 384 kHz on the USB-B (asynchronous) input. Up to 24 bits 192 kHz on coaxial and optical inputs.

    USB interface: XMOS XUF208 with a program specifically developed for ATOLL.

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