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This French high-end electronics brand never takes a break! After the release of the 400 range it was clear that Atoll needed to produce a midrange product to bridge the gap between the IN200 and IN400 integrated amps – and that’s exactly what they’ve done!


Unlike its older sister’s slightly quirky aesthetic, the Atoll IN300 integrated amplifier has returned to a fairly conventional design. It does, however, have a similar front panel design, with a low consumption OLED display window in the centre flanked by two large logical potentiometers: one for adjusting the volume (by rotating) and balance (by pressing down), and the other for selecting your source (by rotating) and adjusting the M/A (by pressing down).


On the back panel of the Atoll IN300 are five analogue inputs, including one which can accommodate the optional Atoll P100 MM/MC phono stage. It also features a bipolar symmetrical XLR input, which is made entirely using discrete components, as well as 2 pre-outs, 1 bypass input and a tape in/out.


The IN300 integrated amp is also fitted with an excellent 32 bit/768 kHz PCM DAC. It can be accessed via 6 digital inputs: 2 coaxial, 2 optical and one USB-B. Interestingly, the DAC USB is an XMOS: XHRA-2HPA USB that uses a programme developed specifically for Atoll. To use the USB input with a Windows computer, you'll need to download a specific driver. MAC computers do not require this driver. The 6th digital input can be used via a built-in Bluetooth module in the DAC. The speaker outputs have been impeccably produced, with terminals that have been milled from copper specifically for Atoll.


The internal architecture is also very impressive! The Atoll IN300 has a fully dual mono design and is powered by two 440 VA toroidal transformers. The filtering system consists of 12 chemical capacitors designed specifically for audio purposes, which amounts to a total capacitance of 86 000 uF! The analogue stages use shielded Mundorf MKP capacitors and the digital stage uses high sound quality Vishay MKP capacitors. It is also worth noting that the internal wiring of the speaker outputs has been made with a high-end speaker cable.


This integrated amp is hefty to hold, and we think it’s pretty impressive that such a small device can weigh 15kg! It says a lot about the production quality. Its compact size means it fits easily into your system without the need for a made-to-measure cabinet. The surface it is placed on just needs to be robust.


  • Power: 150 WRMS/8Ω,   260 WRMS/4Ω per channel

    Power supply: 880 VA

    Total capacitance: 86 400 μF

    Input impedance: 220 kΩ

    Speaker output: 1 x pair

    Pre-out: 2

    Headphone output: 1 x 6.35mm

    Trigger output: 1 x 12V

    Line inputs: 5 (including 1 AUX for optional phono stage)

    Bypass: 1

    XLR input: 1

    Coaxial inputs: 2 up to 24Bits 192kHz

    Optical inputs: 2 up to 24Bits 192kHz

    USB-B input: 1 x 16 bits to 32bits up to 384 kHz (asynchronous)

    DAC: AKM – AK4490: PCM: 32 bits – 768kHz

    PCM: 32 bits – 384kHz

    DSD: 2.8MHz/5.6MHz/11.2MHz

    Dynamic range: 120 dB

    Converter: AK4490: S/N: 120dB;

    Controls: input selection, volume, balance

    Remote control: universal as standard

    Display: Low consumption OLED

    Dimensions: 440 x 320 x 100 mm

    Weight: 15 Kg

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