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Many find it difficult to find the time to enjoy their high-end systems. The studio-grade nearfield performance of Argon0 creates the opportunity to dive into the pleasures of non-compromise high-end computer audio.


Like its big brother, Argon0 is one of the natural and neutral sounding speakers commercially available. A very high level of transparency means that you can hear deeper into your favourite recordings.

The Argon0 benefits from a first-rate signal chain, surprising results can be achieved even with a reasonably modest amplifier.


Music Is Like Nature

Its unique, pristine beauty should be accessible to everyone. Amphion believes getting closer to music can enrich people’s lives. Anywhere. Anytime. Amphion Loudspeakers Ltd was established in 1998. Amphion design and build loudspeakers that are characterised by a high resolution, unstrained low-level reproduction, and pure driver integration. Their affordable solutions are rather insensitive to room acoustics and fill any space with a wide and even dispersion. A timeless yet flexible approach with regard to aesthetics and application make Amphion products easy to match with individual styles and preferences. All products are handmade in Finland to ensure enduring listening quality.


Sonically Truthful & Pleasant

Amphion strive for a sonic neutrality that allows artists’ expressions to touch people’s souls in the way they intended. By sounding right, Amphion make things feel right. Within any frequency range and at any volume, the listener should be able to bond with the original performance.


Fit For The Everyday

Understanding people’s lives is essential to providing universal access to music. Amphion know that daily life isn’t perfect. Their view on real life is as realistic as their sound: their affordable products deliver excellent performance throughout the listening environment, regardless of room acoustics, loudspeaker positioning or listener location.


Timeless Yet Individual

The timeless design of Amphion’s products is as clear and uncluttered as the sound they deliver, but they want people to enjoy their music in their own environments and for years to come. We all have an individual style – in terms of both design taste and applicational needs – and this may change over time. Flexibility and handmade quality give their products longevity.


Colour Options

Amphion loudspeakers come with grilles of your colour choice. Do you want to change the looks later on? Just pick another colour and replace the grilles. £20 per set


  • Operating principle

    Two-way, passive radiator


    1” titanium tweeter
    6½” aluminum woofer

    Crossover point

    1600 Hz


    8 Ω


    87 dB

    Frequency response

    38 – 25.000 Hz -6dB

    Power recommendation

    50 – 150 W


    380 x 191 x 305 mm


    10 kg (22 lbs)

    Handmade in Finland

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