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AUDITE Acoustics ISOL-X technology is a unique linkage suspension system which allows the platform to hang in tension at four points. The connection between your equipment and anything else around it is via these four super strong, low diameter linkages. Imagine something weighing up to 35kg being hung from an incredibly strong, low diameter material which added together are less than 1mm in cross sectional area and you get the picture of how the Brij works.




The highest quality German engineering partners with many years of sound reproduction experience to bring you Clearaudio turntables and phono electronics.  Whether you are looking for your first quality turntable or simply upgrading your equipment, with turntables available to suit any budget the Clearaudio range will fit in well with whatever existing equipment you have got


New Horizon was founded at the end of 2016 with the aim of producing turntables and related accessories designed and built entirely in Italy with the quality, beauty and reliability that only the authentic Made in Italy is able to offer. New Horizons challenge is providing quality and beauty at an affordable price, always.
The current production consists of 5 models of turntables, a super external power supply and a series of accessories designed in Italy for New Horizon turntables.



Given the current state of the high-fidelity turntable market today, Technics mission is to develop and build the next generation of direct drive turntables: with their refined architecture, these new-concept products offer consumers a truly superior alternative to the mass-intensive turntables currently available in the high-end market. The SL1500 Turntable for example, establishes a new reference point for the modern high-fidelity turntable, recently winning best turntable in the What Hifi 2022 Awards!

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